Monday, February 4, 2008

Kernel configuration

I've spent the last month tinkering with the kernel, in this meantime I compiled and recompiled it something like a thousand times and migrated from gentoo sources to vanilla sources (original linux kernel)
By now I'm using kernel and it at last seems to be finished (it's been a week since I last changed it!)
Since there are too many options to list here, I'll just post my .config file (just place it in the kernel source path and make)

There it its, a virtual drive where I'm gonna put my configuration files
Just go to usr/src/linux and download the .config file
ATTENTION: notice that acpi sleep to disk (hibernate) is enabled on this kernel. To use this you MUST have a swap partition big enough to hold your entire ram, and also must point it's location in the kernel configuration. Mine is configured to /dev/sda2, so change it if needed before compiling


Anonymous said...

So... where is the config file for the kernel? The link you´ve posted is not working. Are the hibernate working 100%? A lot of people has problem with that!! Are you using the TuxOnIce kernel? Do you have tested it? Thanks!!

ahmadharis said...

can I copy your kernel config ?

Giva said...

Good words.